Shelter from the Storms of Life

Stressed? Tired? Sad? A mindfulness circle can help. Our weekly circles energize the body, renew the mind, and refresh the spirit. We support holistic wellness through movement, stillness, and connection.

Earth-work and Eco-healing

Humans are made of nature and made for nature. But how much time are you spending with nature? Get right in your relationship with nature. Work it and preserve it.



"To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul," wrote Simone Weil, French philosopher and activist.
We help people get rooted.



The average U.S. consumer produces 4.5 pounds of trash PER DAY. We spend over 6 hours a day on a screen. Children can identify dozens of brands and no native species. We are in the wrong relationship with nature. We help people right their relationship with nature.
Get righted.



Financial stress is the number-one stress in the U.S. Yet, very few programs treat the root causes of financial stress. We get real about money and financial stress. Get real.




Jun 16 2023

New Freedom Fund supports beloved community

Members of Wellness Circles gain access to no-interest loans Finances are the leading cause of stress in the United States. Palm Beach County is no exception. Thousands of local residents are experiencing financial stress right now. Without relief, financial stress can contribute to illness, disease, and premature death. Local nonprofit agencies Soil & Soul and…


Growing towards the light


"Mindfulness mentoring re-directed my life into the light and into a positive space where I could be comfortable to grow in my questions. When I was uncomfortable in darkness, unable to feel calm or joy, mentoring and meditation allowed me to release the stranglehold of the mind and see how to be free of anxiety and self-sabotaging thoughts. Meditation has given me freedom from stresses that were preventing me from living and working. Thank you for your kindess and wisdom."


Faye P.

Better mental health

"I can definitely say this club brought me out of my comfort zone. It allowed me to do things that I honestly would never do to better my mental health. I enjoyed meeting the people that I met and I'm happy to say that I've been a part of this club for 3 years now! Wouldn't change it for anything, students should

definitely join!"

High school student
Mindfulness club member

Mission Statement

Industrial society is attempting to live divorced from nature. Impossible. Native peoples call this separation from nature wetiko - an illness of the soul. The antidote is twofold: mindfulness and eco-healing. Our mission is to teach mindfulness and eco-healing.


useful thoughts


time in nature


money stress

Take Refuge

Very few individuals can overcome negative habit energies in isolation. No one can overcome economic apartheid on their own. Our community is a network for personal transformation and economic solidarity. Join us.