We teach mindfulness and eco-healing. Mindfulness is the supervision of attention. Eco-healing is restoring right relationship with nature.


Our vision is a land transformed, from a land of ignorance, hatred, and greed, to a land of love.


Voice of wisdom, voice of nature

Inspired by native and classical wisdom traditions, Soil & Soul has been working to cultivate and elevate the voice of wisdom in us and around us since 2007. We believe the voice of wisdom and the voice of nature are one and the same. (Note: Founded as Auroras Voice, we changed our name in 2020 to Soil & Soul to center the two domains of our mission space).

Program highlights
Award-winning community organizing outdoors

Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County awarded our Holistic Wellness Circle a Community-Driven Innovation grant (2021).

Our High School Mindfulness Clubs won a Great Ideas Initiative grant (2018), plus a two-year Capacity-Building Pipeline grant (2019, 2020).

Our Delray Beach Children's Garden won the Impact 100 Palm Beach County Environment grant (2018) and is now an independent 501(c)3 agency.

All of our programs are rooted in nature.


People who spend time with Soil & Soul change their habit energies. Through mindfulness, they enjoy more peace of mind and less negativity bias. Through time in nature, they feel more awake and alive. And through economic solidarity, they improve their financial wellness. We come together to do what we cannot do alone.


peace of mind


negativity bias


financial wellness


Our Staff

Pablo del Real

Director of Mindfulness

Jennifer Hickman


Alison Santos

Childcare Team

Stephanie Lewis

Childcare Team

Julianna Mullings

Evaluation Team

Montre Bennett

Promotion Team

Maureen Pearsall

Eco-healing Team

Ornella Plauti

Project Manager

Our Board of Directors

Julianna Mullings

Montre Bennett

Ornella Plauti

Rachel Shapiro

Christine Bond

Pablo del Real