Freedom Fund for circle at Village Academy

Freedom Fund provides no-interest loans for basic needs, including transportation.

Freedom Fund provides compassionate finance to members of wellness circles in south Palm Beach County. Starting in Delray Beach with Holistic Wellness Circle at Cocoplum Nature School and Wellness Circle for Village Academy Staff, Freedom Fund makes no-interest loans to active circle members.

Loans can be used for four purposes:

  1. to eliminate or reduce interest-bearing debt, e.g., credit card debt, car loan, etc.
  2. hardship due to external circumstances / causes beyond one’s own control
  3. to fulfill a basic need, such as expenses related to shelter or transportation
  4. higher education or job training, e.g., degree or certification expenses

How it will work for Staff Wellness Circle at Village Academy
Freedom Fund eligibility depends on (1) active circle membership and (2) number of circles completed.
Active circle membership means attending at least two circles per month, and embodying the four agreements with circle members: loving speech, deep listening, no fixing, and confidentiality.

Members become eligible for Freedom Fund loans after completing four circles. Maximum loan amounts are based on number of circles completed:

# of circles completed




maximum 0% loan amount




Active members of Staff Wellness Circle can apply for a no-interest loan at this form:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Freedom Fund require a credit check or credit score?

No, Freedom Fund loan application does not require a credit score. We request a credit score, but it is voluntary and not required. Your credit score does not affect your eligibility for a loan from Freedom Fund.

2. What if I get a loan and I can’t make a payment?

Your loan partner will work with you to update your budget plan and repayment plan every month.

3. What if I get a loan and I move before it’s repaid? What happens then?

There are a few options. One, you can join an eligible circle in your new city or town to maintain the bond of affiliation with Freedom Fund principles and practices. Two, if no eligible circle exists in your new location, you can start one, maintaining the bond of affiliation that way. Three, you can opt out of the Freedom Fund loan and bond of affiliation by neither joining nor starting an eligible circle in your new location. At that point, your Freedom Fund loan will begin charging interest at the standard rate set by the U.S. Treasury, plus 1-2%.

4. How does Freedom Fund make money? How is it sustainable?

Freedom Fund is a compassionate-finance fund. It’s primary purpose is to bring mercy to people in debt. It is not intended to make money. Freedom Fund is supported by Thrive Collective Foundation, and generous individual donors and lenders, including wellness circle members. It is funded with gifts and no-interest loans. Two related questions are How does the earth produce life? How is it sustainable? We believe the answers are also related. Through mercy and generosity.

5. Why would anyone do compassionate finance? It doesn’t make sense.

All of the world’s wisdom traditions teach compassionate finance in the form of no-interest loans and/or loan forgiveness when and where appropriate. Likewise, all of the world’s wisdom traditions teach that it is against the moral law of the universe to charge people interest when they cannot afford to pay interest. They also teach that it’s moral to forgive a debt when it is impossible for someone to repay it, for example, jubilee in the Jewish tradition. Part of Soil & Soul’s mission is to elevate the voice of wisdom in us and around us. We see compassionate finance and the Freedom Fund as a way to do that.

To apply for a loan, click here. For more information, contact or call 561.901.3467.