Mindfulness Club Summer Camp

For high school students in Palm Beach County who want to start or join a mindfulness club

Teens are faced with a mental health crisis and climate change. They are also vulnerable to the three poisons of human nature: ignorance, hatred, and greed — the root causes of our social problems. Mindfulness Clubs can help.

Mindfulness Club Summer Camp helps high school students cultivate their innate wisdom. Camp graduates can ...

  •  join or start a mindfulness club at their school
  •  gain valuable experience for work or college
  •  help co-create a more loving school and society

Mindfulness Club Summer Camp is open to high school students in Palm Beach County. There is no cost to apply. If accepted, suggested donation to attend the camp is $100. No students denied a spot for lack of funds.


Tiger Territory urban forest
706 8th Avenue N
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33462

Summer Camp schedule

June 19-23 (Mon-Friday)
9:00 am-3:00 pm

* Mornings outdoors
(weather permitting)
* Healthy lunch every day
* Afternoons indoors

  • Daily schedule includes light exercise, gardening, mindfulness, team building, healthy lunch, storytelling, creativity, and problem-solving for supporting wisdom and justice at school.
  • Camp leaders are Dante Brown and Pablo del Real, co-founder of High School Mindfulness Club.
  • Tuition is suggested donation of $100. Includes meals and materials.
  • Camp graduates earn 30+ hours of community service and are eligible for paid internships during the school year.
  • Minimum 6 students to hold the camp, maximum 12.

High School Mindfulness Club began in 2017-2018 at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach.
The program is available at Palm Beach County high schools where student leaders want to start a club.


About High School Mindfulness Club
The mission of High School Mindfulness Club is to train students to love their bodies, their spirits, their minds, their existence on the earth, and each other. Our vision is a network of teens sowing and reaping justice and peace through wisdom, courage, kindness, and peace.