How much is nature worth? What's the price of peace of mind? Of course these are priceless treasures. Their worth cannot be measured. Yet they require resources, including financial support.

Can you help us support nature in you and around you in Palm Beach County? Can you contribute to local peace of mind? Every gift to Soil & Soul helps preserve the local soil and local souls.

In Memoriam

  • Joseph Vincent

    Joseph Vincent passed away peacefully on December 10, 2022 after a long life. His daughter, Lori Vincent, was Managing Director of Soil & Soul from 2017 to 2021. Joseph Vincent was 95 years old. Contributions in his name can be made through this page. Checks can be mailed to 6285 White Pine Way, Lantana FL 33462.


The majority of our funding - 80% - goes to our family and youth programs. Another 15% goes to administration, and 5% goes to fundraising. If your gift is to one of our funds, 100% of your contribution will go to the program of your choice.


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